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From: Kathy Dobson
Re: Your Ticket to Personal and Financial Freedom

After spending years in the corporate world, answering to others, I wanted out ...I wanted my life back.  I wanted control.  I knew that if I didn't step to the plate and take action, my life would continue to be a struggle and I would remain at the mercy of those who were in control.  







It wasn't long ago that I was on the other side, struggling to find answers to freedom... both financially and personally, and I was tired, tired of answering to someone else, tired of being told how and when to work, tired of giving 100% of myself without being compensated for my efforts.  Sure, my efforts were appreciated...but did it ever show up in my paycheck?  No.  I was simply tired of the routine that was taking me nowhere.

It seemed the more I gave, the more they wanted and the more elusive freedom became.

Can you Relate?


  • Do you dream of financial and personal freedom?
  • Do you desire to take control of your run your own ship?
  • Are you tired of of answering to someone else? 
  • Can you picture your life with you at the controls?  

When was the last time you took a vacation without having to ask for permission first?  It doesn't have to be this way!

The Internet is creating opportunities that have never existed before. What if I told you, you could create wealth while you were sleeping...while you are playing, even while you are vacationing? Seem impossible? It's not...

Not only are Internet marketers cashing in on this extraordinary opportunity, but ordinary people, people just like you and me are doing it every day on the Internet...

So, what's their secret?  

"The Secret Revealed: Membership Sites!"

Whether you've already considered having a membership site online, or whether you've been put off by the amount of effort you believe it would take and thought it was too much to cope with...You'll want to read on now and discover just how 'Easy it Can Be ...with the right information'.....

With minimal start up fees, you too can create a highly profitable Internet business...the kind that rewards you with  success and freedom .... and, places no limits on your profits!

Let me share what I have found....



Your Step by Step Guide to Profiting from Membership Sites

With Crazy Cash Membership Sites, you will learn why turning your blog , information site, product or forum into a membership site is your road to financial freedom.

Membership sites are exploding on the Internet. Be one of the first in your niche to start one. Turn that hobby of yours into a money generating machine.

Do you realize how attainable this opportunity is?  This is not some pipe dream I am dangling in front of you...this is very and very reachable by anyone who owns a computer. This is the goldrush of the 21st Century. 

I'm not saying it's not hard work, especially in the beginning...but, you benefit from your own hard work.  Your persistence will pay off...and there are no limits to your earnings  except those you place on yourself.


"Anyone who is looking for a guide to have a membership site up and running in no time at all, look no further!" 

Your step-by-step guide is highly organized, easy to understand and to follow.

You have created a manual that is destined to be a winner, and I am happy to say that I have already started successfully to implement your tips and tricks. To create a membership site can be daunting, yet you demystify the entire process! Thanks to you, I am on my way to have my very own membership site!

This book is by far the most professional and well put together product available on the topic of membership sites to date!

Wishing you Rippling Success!
With gratitude,
Svenja Sattler

Svenja Sattler


What's stopping you?

  • Too much work? (you're already working hard and not being compensated....remember?)  
  • Creating sufficient content for your site? (you can outsource any or all of your content.) 
  • You don't feel like you're an expert in any field? (no one is an expert until they set themselves up as one.) 
  • Too techie for you to manage? (there are many easy to use scripts available.) 
  • Expensive software? (nothing could be further from the truth.)  

If any of those reasons stopped you before or are hindering you now, I know how you feel.  I felt the same...that I'd never be able to get past all those reasons why I wouldn't be able to create membership sites.

But my painstaking research and persistence paid off for me, as I found the answers to a lot of my challenges and I've discovered so many 'easy' ways to get around the things I thought would hold me back. Additionally, in my research I discovered the value of residual income, the kind that comes in on a steady, reliable basis.

Everything I read gave the crown to Membership sites as the ideal platform for creating recurring, residual income on the Internet.



Get in on this

 Golden Opportunity

Discover what Internet entrepreneurs already know...with membership sites:


You create flexibility and freedom in your life

You have more time to spend with your family

You get to work from the comfort of your  own home

You schedule your life around your needs

You develop a community of like-minded friends

You become recognized as an authority in your field

You have an opportunity to make an incredible income with no caps on your earnings

Your passion produces your income

You create the ideal recurring income machine


This book was created with you in mind.  Easy to read, understand and implement.

  Here is a sample of what you will learn...   

You will be educated in everything you need to know about creating your membership site and making it successful.   You'll learn about the different types of membership models available and the merits of each one.  You'll be given the tools you need to help you define your passion and discover the demand for your idea and why both of these elements are imperative to your success as a membership site owner.  I'll show you the best ways to monetize your membership site no matter which model you choose.  

Within these pages, you'll discover strategies to drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic to paying members. Additionally, I've included links for you to check out other successful sites as well as links to guide you to important resources.

Furthermore, I'll motivate you and inspire you to take the most important step of all action ...and how, without this step, your dreams remain just that...dreams.


"If your wondering how to start a membership site then look no further.

"Crazy Cash Membership Sites is packed with over 60 pages of pure information and you are guaranteed to be up and running in no time.

Awesome read, step by step instructions on the benefits and requirements of building your first membership site. 

Concise and well organized, this book is a goldmine for those who wish to learn more about membership marketing."

Once again..well done!
Keith Alston

Keith Alston

What a fantastic read! 

What a fantastic read! I have often thought about adding a membership option to my blog and having read "Crazy Cash Membership Sites" I now know it would be a mistake not to.

You write in such an easy to follow way, I couldn't stop reading until I got to the end.  You have certainly over delivered on this one!

I can highly recommend to anyone interested in having their own membership site to read this book will put you on the right track from start to finish.

Superb, this is the best ebook I have read this year.

Happy Marketing,


"I just finished reading your newest product Crazy Cash Membership Sites...    

...and I have to tell you, you are 100% correct...membership sites will create the income you've always wanted. This book  will teach you everything you need to know to start a membership site and keep it running for years into the future.

In the last few years I have seen a huge increase in membership sites and now is the time to start your own. I truly believe people are starting to realize that great information is hard to find, thus joining a membership that costs just a few dollars a month will get the information you are looking for quicker and much more efficiently than searching all over the Internet.

If you have a special ability or skill and you think people would like to know what you have learned, then let Crazy Cash Membership Sites teach you how to proft from your knowledge." 

Edson Buchanan


"I have had the great pleasure of reading Kathy's eBook, 'Crazy Cash Membership Sites', and I have been very impressed with the
overall presentation of the book. 

Included within the pages of this book is every conceivable piece of information for the beginner, and she has arranged the whole document in an easy to follow order.

At the end is a step by step reminder of the process we need to follow in order to set up a membership site.   

Kathy has included tips and links to useful resources that will help anyone to set up a working membership site and be able to run it effectively and efficiently.  If you are thinking of setting up a membership site this is the eBook to guide you through the process, with easy to follow steps that will enable you to 'earn the rewards and live the life you've imagined'!"

Mandy Allen   


What a great resource!  You paint a very clear picture of the power of membership sites for generating residual cash income.

I just finished reading your "Crazy Cash Membership Sites"

Your techniques and strategies are simple and practical and loaded with helpful ideas and resources.  I like your sincere writing syle, it's very motivating with the use of marketing and success secrets.

Your '12 steps to success' shows how anyone can profit from the power of membership sites.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants additonal sources of part-time or full time income. 

With Gratitude,

Ann Martinez


You get two thumbs up on this one!

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for allowing me to review your 'Crazy Cash Membership  Sites.'  It's actually been a pleasure to read.

You really have done your research on this product!  I like the fact that you have taken what can be a complicated subject and broken it down into bite sized and easy to follow chunks.

This makes it alot easier for someone who has never gone the membership route to follow along with.

AND...I also have to say you've left nothing wanting, with all the resources you quote-you've literally saved people weeks, not days off their own research.

You get two thumbs up on this one Kathy. 
Well written, filled with required knowledge and easy to follow.
A real beginners guide (not just another report.)

As someone who has built a membership site and learned things the hard way - I really do wish I had read this a year ago.

Thanks again Kathy.
I look forward to seeing it launch and help alot of people.

Warm Regards,

Randy Smith

Your ticket to personal and financial freedom:
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How much have you spent on past endeavors trying to create the kind of peace of mind that only residual income can provide for you?     

I could easily charge $47 for this book and I know there are plenty of people who would be willing to pay this amount.  But, it truly is my desire to help as many people as I can to succeed with membership sites (I honestly believe in my heart this is an awesome opportunity.)  I can only do that by pricing my book so that anyone who desires to better themselves...who is open to receive this awesome opportunity  can read this goldmine of information and put it into action.

Therefore, forget all the hype usually associated with this kind of offer.  My offer is the point....and worth every penny. 

This is only the beginning.  In the future, I will be adding updates....if you purchase today, you will get all the updates to this book...including any videos that are produced forever...for free.

Your one time cost for this awesome opportunity...including all future updates: 



If you are serious about generating a stable, recurring income from the Internet then "Crazy Cash Membership Sites" is a no brainer. 

If you've read this's because you are interested.  Don't stop here ...that's where most people stop who never achieve...because of FEAR.  Be in the top 5% that take ACTION.  

Remember this ...nothing...and I mean nothing will change in your life until you do!  You must take that first step...that ACTION step that starts things in motion.  Without that will stay exactly where you are.  Is that what you want?

Stop dreaming and start doing!       

Try It Risk Free!



  My 60 Day Iron Clad 100% Guarantee

I am so confident that after you invest in Crazy Cash Membership Sites you will have all the tools you need to set up your own successful membership site that if for any reason you do not think this book is worth every penny you paid for it, simply ask for a refund.   

You will be refunded promptly and questions asked ever.  

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  Remember you are covered for a full 60 days from purchase.    


Are you willing to let this opportunity pass you by?   When will you get another opportunity to make unlimited income with such small investment?  


Yes Kathy! I'm ready to start learning how to successfully build a membership site so that I can finally start making money online!

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I know that this manual is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now to experience membership site success.

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So, here's the defining moment.

Time to make that life changing decision. I poured a lot of energy and time into creating this manual and for a one time purchase of $27 you'll get to benefit from ALL my hard work and research. 

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  • turn your life around
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  • experience life on your terms 
  • achieve financial and personal freedom  
It will be the best $27 you have ever spent.         

Just think about it this way. For one low price, you can finally start making real money online.

Invest in Crazy Cash Membership Sites now and discover why you should set up your own money generating membership machine so that you too can start living the life of your dreams.

Don't put it off a day longer. Join the thousands of individuals already earning huge incomes...right from their home computer...owning and running their own membership site. 

The Universe is waiting to give you everything you've ever dreamed about. No one can put a price on that. 

Success and Freedom are only a membership site away, 

Kathy Dobson

P.S. If you've tried to make money online before and failed...don't let that stop you from purchasing. Let me share with you the secret to tapping into the hottest trend on the Internet right now and the best platform to create multiple streams of income.

P.P.S. Remember, this isn't your usual fluff filled eBook. This is a complete A to Z manual that will take you by the hand and guide you to membership site riches!  Don't hesitate...invest in yourself NOW and take your first steps towards your profitable new online business! must take that first step.  No one can do that for you.

If not now...then when?  Prosperity and Freedom await you! 

Don't Forget....There is absolutely no risk involved with this purchase.  You have a full 60 days from the time you purchase this product to check it out for yourself.  If you don't feel that I've educated you sufficiently on the most ideal residual income model available for the 21st Century just return your purchase for a full refund.  No questions asked!  You'll receive your refund promptly and cheerfully!


You have my Iron-Clad money back 100% Guarantee!